Sunday, April 24, 2011

National Historic Races, Easter, Mallala 2011

David Gibb got some good shots yesterday and here's a few.
Speaking of memories, Michael Shearer had the late Kevin's Ford A special out.
Good old Black Bess.
The Roscrow Bentley special gets around.
As does Larry's Torana these days.
When are these appearing in the Masters?
And when are they going to have some Dattos?
Speaking of Dattos, there's no show without the odd Z.
Or Elfin.
And it's not really an Historic meeting without Austin 7s.


Art said...

I'm sure the owner of that yellow Austin 7 (#65) would be interested in a copy of that photo!
The car is a completely new build over the last 6 years.

John L said...

Did you see that David?

John L said...

OK everyone. I'm very much aware that that's not the real Black Bess. On top of that, when Jeff first built the replica, he painted it red I think. I guess it was Red Bess.