Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rochdale GT

Just had an email (unrelated) from a fellow enthusiast, Gordon C, and he happened to mention that 2009 was the year he wanted to drag out his Rochdale GT after 13 years in the shed. I've Googled Rochdale to find out a bit more about them. It appears that Gordon's is the only Rochdale GT in the country although there are at least 2 Rochdale Olympics here including one used in Historic racing which turned up at Phillip Island last year. Look in the links for the Rochdale Owners Club. I'm about to put it up.


John L said...

Look at the headlights. They're VW. They look better on the Rochdale than they do on the Volksy.

bolly 5 said...

Never heard of Rochdale either.
Must have been before my time.
I recon Collin would know of them.

siataukreg said...

i used to have a red rochdale gt it had wide arches fitted and a ford side valve engine i bought it from a guy in lees around 1980 it came with no engine but one new in a crate which i fitted had what looked like reverse rims with wide dunlop sp sports tyres bonnet had a large bulge for the header tank i sold it to a guy in manchester viA the MEN Autotrader was not out then i dont think think it went for about £300

John L said...

Any photos?