Wednesday, December 10, 2008

From Dick to Dave

By that I mean Dick Murphy to Dave Hamlin which spans a period of over 40 years. Below are pictures of different stages of the rebuild of this Mark 7. Dave has given me a parts list of acquisitions that he can recall on the spur of the moment which includes:-
Aluminium 4 core radiator
4 speed Aussie G/box with V8 gears
BMW front rotors and Volvo 4 spot callipers
New windscreen (this is the new style glue in type and Norm is presently making him the recessed window surround for it)
Spax shocks and springs
AC Cobra aluminium fuel tank
Austin 1800 steering rack (cut down)
All guages new or reconditioned
All new front ball joints etc.
Made up all new pickups for diff arms
Watts linkage rear end
Another differential
Another front suspension (HR)
Lots of hours on the chassis
Just starting on the body Looks like a new body section from the windscreen forward judging by the moulds leaning against the wall and some photos I saw a while back of some very tatty bodywork.

Some comprehensive plumbing. Is this the 300hp 186 from NZ?

There's a familiar face.

Lots of sanding and grinding - the inevitable.


JED said...

Hello John,
I notice in the list of jobs a new windscreen and presumably a new rubber.
Do you know if the windscreen supplier can also do a Nagari windscreen, and rubber ?
John Davies

Anonymous said...

The Nagari and the Mark 7 have the same windscreen. Rohan May and Fred Podner, on behalf of the Victorian club arranged a batch of windscreens last year or maybe it was the year before. I'm not sure if there are still some made-up windscreen gaskets around. We don't have any left in SA and it's a fair bet that the same applies in Vic. because they were advertising quite a while ago that they had a roll of the rubber extrusion and could cut you off enough to make your own. Check with Rohan and see if they still have some. When Rohan got the batch of windscreens, he took orders but I have a feeling that there may have been some extras ordered. I think the SA club bought one or two that weren't earmarked for somebody. They may have gone by now. When the windscreens were supplied,they introduced a new type with the black band all the way around so that they can be glued in in the modern way. The requirement then is to modify the windscreen surround with a recess to sit the windscreen in. We have a mould for that and Norm is making up that piece for Dave at the moment because he opted for the modern version. I'm a bit old-fashioned I guess, I went for the old style. The windscreens were made in Brisbane, believe it or not, and transported to Melbourne and Adelaide (including breakages) and I am aware of windscreens being sent back to Queensland for owners up there.

John L said...

I'm not really Anonymous. It's just that I didn't sign in before I started typing. I haven't figured out how to go back and do that without losing what I've already typed.

Anonymous said...

Hi John & John,
The Vic club have both style of windscreen availible, glued or rubber retained in stock. We will have new rubber windscreen surround in the early part of next year plus we still have door glass for the Nagari Sports and Coupe.
If we can be of help, please contact the club.