Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rusty old Mark 5s.

Here's some pictures sent in to illustrate what happens to neglected Mark 5s. With their sheet steel floors, they rust badly. The bronze car below was rusted so badly, the bottom part virtually didn't exist. This photo was taken in Valley View about 1980. Tony Opie snapped it up and was determined to make a car out of it. Unfortunately a bushfire put paid to that plan.
Above and below, I hate to say it, is my dear old Mark 5. It wasn't like that when it left our place in 1982. I have never seen it since then even though it has ended up residing not far from where I used to live. From the pictures it looks a sorry sight but I am sure there are still plans for its resurrection.
Tomorrow, I will try and pass on a story of a Mark 5 that is about to embark on a long and thorough rebuild. I hope this doesn't put the owner off. Bill Davidson's Mark 5 is testimony of how good they really can be. Maybe I'll post a couple of photos of that car too.

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