Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bolwell Mark 7 mags

There's been a bit of discussion lately about Nagari mags on Mark 7s. From that has come a query from Jim S who is wondering if anybody knows anything about the mags on the car in these two pictures that come from the archives pages on the Bolwell Car Company site.
(Note the front badge, Alex). Personally, I have no knowledge of their origin but to me they look like they could be a precursor to the Nagari mag. Pete G doesn't know anything about them either but pointed out that the Mark 7 sports of Les Andrews in Sydney has the same wheels. Below is a photo of the car lifted from the NSW club's website. That's good spotting Peter. Perhaps Les can tell us something about the wheels. We'll have to put Graham Nichols on the case.


bolly 5 said...

Yes I noticed the badge, John.
And whats say we keep that little incident the other day to ourselves, hay?

John L said...

OK. Mum's the word.