Friday, May 16, 2008

More Mark 4s.

Well, we've talked about the Mk.4A and the Mk.4B, here's a more unusual one, the Mk.4C. There's only one of these and its most significant difference is that it's rear engined, Hillman Imp in fact. The Hillman Imp engine and gearbox was a great little set-up even in Hillman Imps. Norm Beechey used to hillclimb one when they were new and it was a rocketship. So think how it would go in a Mk.4 Bolwell. Click on comments to comment on this great little car.


PeterG said...

I personly viewed this car in the early eighties, I was unable to identify what it was. Bill Buckle (Goggomobil + Buckle originator) in Sydney was the Aust. agent for Hillman, so the chassis/sub-frame had a Buckle ID plate, the car had nothing to identify it as a Bolwell, I unfortunately didn't persue it (not that I could have fitted into the cockpit anyway). Happily someone knew what it was and restored it. Also, this may not have been the only rear-engined Mk4, I think there may have been another Imp Mk4, raced in the 60's in Vic. by R. (Rob?) Whitting (or something similar)does anybody know any further details???

Monk said...

The Mk4c Bolwell was Campbell Bolwell's personal car. It was acquired and restored by Rob Whting from whom I purchased the car in the early (90's)I used it in Historic Hillclimbs - the car still holds the under 1000cc Sportscar record at Rob Roy. Paul Ewins now has the car and has kept it in very good order. David Monk

david said...

built by Winston

Anonymous said...

I have a mark 4 bolwell kit with a imp engine it is incomplete, I am trying to find out more about it, any one have any ideas on a good site?

John L said...

Do you have any more details, Anonymous? Like where you bought it, how long have you had it, what state are you in? etc., etc.

John L said...

Any photos?

John L said...

If you want to contact me on or phone 0413 226009 we might be able to track down a bit of info on your car. Cheers, John.

Unknown said...

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