Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It must be Mark 4 week!

Everybody knows that Mark 4s were designed for 4 cylinder engines. In their day, the 4 cyl. Ford (Cortina type) was the most popular (although I can think of 2 or 3 Peugeot examples) followed later by the trusty Corolla powerplant. Here's a couple powered with something near and dear to my heart, the good old Holden grey motor. Just look at the power bulges necessary to fit them in.This one is the famous Mark 4 of Peter Mahoney, one of the very first Bolwells to take to the racetrack. It is still racing in Historic events even now although mainly driven by Peter's son.

This red one was powered by a 6-cylinder grey motor too and at the time was owned by Roger Boylan. Subsequent owners were Ken Stratton and Roger Trethewey and it is now being rebuilt by hill-climber Alan Foster although the six cylinder is long gone.

The opposite extreme is the fitting of a rotary. You've really got to look hard to find the engine, yet this is the way to get the most power of all.

Getting back to the grey motor, that's what lived in my Mark 5. For a very short period in its life it had a Repco cross-flow head fitted that I had picked up from Dean Qualmann who used to build grey motors for speedway. Apart from the power it produced, I used to like just lifting the bonnet and looking at it. One of my deepest regrets is my impulsiveness in sending it over to the Bendigo Swap Meet when I had a touch of the shorts. Naturally it was snapped up. I'll never see one of those again I'm willing to bet.

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John L said...

nd corrected yet again. 2 people have told me now that the red Mk.4 had a red Holden motor not the older grey one. Still, it was the big long straight 6 that created the need for the big bonnet hump.