Sunday, April 20, 2008

a pic. from Jim White

True to his word of course, Jim has sent a shot of B8/81 taken during the Classic Adelaide in 2005. Here's one to go with it of the car parked in the pits at A.I.R. alongside Chris Clearihan's Nagari about 30 years ago. That's Chris walking away from the camera in the shiny white racesuit. That car was still in its LHD form then.

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Colin said...

Great story about B8/81. One of best memories is planning a club run in Adelaide Hills with you and a veery early morning run up the Mt Barker Road opposite lock n all, those skinny avons made a fun car of it.

How about an expose on Don Nairne's car B8/67

Hope you liked the swag of bollie pics I emailed to you.