Wednesday, April 9, 2008

One for Roger T.

An interesting article from the internet, a story of a tour of the Nota workshop in outer Sydney (might be one to follow up by the NSW crew - unless they already know about it) -

"Then we pass a Bolwell Mk.7. Boy, what a transformation. The Holden front cross member has been removed and a modified Nissan cross member, power assisted rack, discs and uprights are married toNota adjustable wishbones (Saving over 60kgs). To the backbone chassis Nota has added a perimeter chassis and roll cage which is welded into the sills of a Mazda MX5, dramatically increasing the torsional stiffness, (an inherent weakness with the backbone chassis). This allows the Mk.7 to use the doors, scuttle windscreen and soft top of the MX5 and provides very nice electric windows as well. The rear suspension was altered, the live axle being replaced with a Nissan 280Z independent one. It's then shod with Sumitomo 15"x215/50 front and 15"x265/50 rear on Simmons 15x7" and 15x9" respectively. Finally, the engine to go in is from a GTR Nissan "Godzilla". What a formidable car this is going to be, But does one call it a Bolwell, Nissan, Mazda or a Nota? It is probably more Nota now than anything else as they are the ones who have engineered and put this incredible package together in a redesigned, rebodied and transformed soft top sports car (it was originally a coupe)."

It's a bit like Pierre's Mk.5/Capri in a way.

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