Sunday, November 4, 2018

For helpers in WA.

Hi All,
Further to last Sunday’s WA meeting discussion on my one last body-off for B343K I can confirm that some strong arms and backs are needed the evening of Wed 14 to lift off the body.  Lift off at 6:30pm, with light refreshments after J
7 Wakelan Cove, Dianella.
As discussed, some final chassis cutting/ welding and body fibreglass tidy-up is required. 
Lifting off should be straight forward and quick, as the rear chassis tank support section is now detachable and the usual Mk 7 nose-up-to-the-rafters-lift is no longer required!
Please RSVP and let me know if you can come – just need to plan for 4 able lifters, and a crowd of spotters to pick out what has been forgotten/overlooked as per usualJ     
After a couple of weeks things should be ready to lift the body back on…
Thanks in advance.

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