Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Nagari windscreen washers?

Justin is getting road registration for the Nagari in UK. One of the requirements of the MoT is to have windscreen washers. Here's his query.

Hi John, strange one this. Did they ever have them originally? I cant find any pictures and I need at least one for the MOT (road reg) here in UK. I ebay'd a classic Mini double chrome nozzle. But where do you drill the hole?

Any help would be great.


Anonymous said...

Suggest he go to a hardware store and look at the fittings for soaker watering systems. There is a whole range of tubing and little plastic nozzles.

Run the tubing along side the wiper arm pivots or even up along the arm as some do.

Worked a treat for me.

John L said...

Evening John,
A quick search of Australian ADR’s brings us to here:
The relevant ADR for windscreen wipers and washers seems to come in on 1st Jan 1973:
There is a PDF there that details the requirements, but that is dated Feb 1984, which I think is when all the ADR’s to that point became federal law across Australia.
I’m no expert, but the way I read it, if the car in the UK was registered in Australia before 1-1-73, it probably didn’t require windscreen washers to be fitted.
Maybe that will help him.