Saturday, June 16, 2018


Rob's got his work cut out on the very first Nagari sports.

Remember it when John Allsop had it?
And then Derek, who lived at Digby used to bring it along to Easters in his area (e.g. Hamilton, Coleraine).
Bob Hampton was always up for a bit of action. This was the weekend when the local cop came out to drag race the cop car.
We miss Tony as our starter.
Anyway, I digress. Rob Wragg answered this ad.........
........and he's had it down Launceston way for a while now.
Now for a bit of serious work. Here's the chassis after it was stripped.

and more than a bit of welding.
Now looking a lot better.
And when it's all done it'll reappear in its original silver.


Anonymous said...

The photo with Tony Opie wasn’t B8/47, it was me in B8/60 against Ron Mac.
Peter G

John L said...

I might have known.