Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SA Club Rego.

Some Club Rego Facts (after hearing some of the stupid stuff that's been getting around lately).
1. Club Rego doesn't magically make your modified car legal, if you've made illegal mods the cops can still sticker your car.
2. Club Rego is a form of Registration, it does not change any conditions attached to a license such as P- Platers driving high powered vehicles.
3. There are thousands of more modified vehicles on the road under Club Rego, so yes it will seem that a lot more cars are getting Police attention that are on Club Rego.
This is because there are so many more cars on Club Rego #Logic
4. Club Rego is a privilege, not a right.
The vehicle owner has obligations that must be met. You can't just join a club and grab a log book.
5. Conditions of Club Rego that actually make your vehicle registered, miss one and your vehicle is unregistered:
a: Current Financial Member of a recognised Club.
b: Registration Fees paid and current.
c: Log book signed by the recognised club for the current period.
d: Current and signed entry in the log book in pen.
6. On a brighter note, check with your insurer as you may get a surprising discount on your insurance if you are on Club Rego, I know for a fact Shannonsdo it.
If you have questions on Club Rego, don't ask your sister's boyfriend's mate because his mother's friend's father has Club Rego. Ask your Club, SMASA, FHMC or ASMF.
SMASA, FHMC and the ASMF have a direct line to the DPTI so are more likely to get you a quick and accurate answer.

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