Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mk.7 "project".

Remember Peter? (The man who did such a wonderful job on the 240Z/Ferrari GTO). As you know, he was looking for a Mk.7 to restore as his next project. Well, look no more. He's found one on the Central NSW Coast. It looks to have a lot of potential and if it wasn't for all that rain up in Sydney he'd have started on it already.
An excellent choice of engine I think. You can see the need for the extra-wide bulge.


The prez said...

Ahhh, but Mike (already in crow land) has his supercharged...)

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited about the V6, it's coming out tomorrow and the 202 will go back in.

Anonymous said...

That car used to belong to Dave Rose who used to be a member of the NSW club. Dave sold the car sometime ago now. I can't remember who had it next but its good to see its surfaced again.
peter m

The prez said...

6 in line works just fine ;)

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