Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bolwell GTO.

Last year the WA group went on a run (to Albany I think). At the destination, a man appeared who said he had a Bolwell and went home to get it. This is the car......
Quite a distinctive car, I think you'll agree.

Back in 2008 we discovered from a site called Performance Forums that very car. Apart from the wire wheels it also featured GTO nose vents and a windscreen with curved edges. From the forum we were able to deduce that it belonged to a guy called Glen who lived in Brisbane and had owned it since 2000. Other features explained, apart from it having a fibreglass body and a steel backbone chassis, was that it had a Holden 179 with a Yella Terra head and triple side draft Dellortos, a Celica 5-speed box, UC Torana front end, HQ discs, Jaguar walnut dash and instruments and cream leather interior.
Jim in Tassie wrote in at the time, saying that prior to 2000 it was owned by a bloke in Burnie (Tas.). The side window frames came from a Jaguar (Mk.10?) and although they are flat glass, he managed to get them to wind all the way down. The windscreen is a standard Bolwell item with the corners ground. "More than one screen came to grief in the process, I'm told, but it looks nice."


Vic Meyer said...

I looked at this car when it was for sale in Ararat Victoria, about 4 years ago. it was also owned by "craig" in Melbourne about 6-7 years ago. Craig also owned my old bolwell (7 with nagari doors which is now in Gosford car museum). I bought it off him and restored it.

s nic said...

Twas in Port Denison. :)