Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome news.

Here's a letter from the SA Minister of Transport. This new historic registration proposal is about to be put into place. Nothing can stop it but objections from wankers with nothing better to do. It suits our situation down to the ground and with the date changes even allows Ikaras (and my 1983 Datsun) into the scheme. Our club was vigilant in our adherence to the rules but over the years, only had to reject 3 applications from Mk.7 owners. The way I see it, those 3 may now be eligible under the proposed new scheme. I only have a couple of days to respond to this but it will be a positive one.
The flexibility brings us into line with the Victorian scheme without the limitations of use that they endure.

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s nic said...

We are going through the same process. Our 404 laws came into effect 1 jan and it isnt to bad.