Saturday, January 28, 2017

Electric car day.

Vastly different to last year.
Last year most of the cars on display were DIY jobs like these above. This year they were mostly replaced by brand new electric cars like this BMW.......
....and a few of these Nissans.

The owners of which, apart from driving to work during the week, enjoyed Saturday drives to a cafe in Stirling where they could use the charging post out the front while enjoying a latte and cheesecake inside. Apparently the only batch of these Nissans to come to Australia took a long time to sell and you could buy a no-mileage example from a dealership two years after they had arrived in the country. It was a bit risky to bring in any more. It takes a long time for something new to gain acceptance.

Last time there were a large collection of home built electric bikes, scooters, skateboards and lawn mowers. Nothing like that this year, replaced by this lonely production job....
.....and I hope Eagle Bikes are doing well.

No Teslas by the way, the Tesla owners were apparently at the restaurant up the street while the ordinary people enjoyed their cut lunch under a tree.

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