Monday, November 7, 2016

Ikara no.9

This is the only photo I have of B9/9, taken in my driveway when we lived at Parkside. The pale blue one on the right is B9/2. B9/9 is one of only 2 Ikaras that we haven't been able to track down. The other one is the one that went to South Africa. Anyway this lovely dark blue car was built by Tony Cullen in Blackwood and later sold to Jono Foote who, after some close shaves with trucks etc., painted it yellow in the hope that it might be more visible on the road. Jono, a pilot, moved from Adelaide to Brisbane and we lost track of the car completely. However, he did come back with the car in one piece. Some time after that Jono's brother, Peter, wrote it off and it sat around for a while. It was salvageable and Jono dismantled it with the view to rebuilding it. His wife, however, decided that he didn't need a project and it was subsequently sold to someone who did. That was the end of the trail. In recent times, say, in the last 6 months, Jono ran into the guy who bought it and was able to learn that it is now blue again and was bought by someone in Victoria. We can now direct our search to there. Victoria is only a small place.

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Bo's Auto said...

Great blue color, must always feel good to look out at your driveway.