Tuesday, November 15, 2016

From Rob.

Hi Everyone. Bolwell - an Australian Icon, the most recent Luck Family Book Project is now at the Printers and scheduled for December 7 release in Australia. it is a strictly-limited, individually-numbered Collector's Edition - 250 pages printed in full-colour and bound in simulated carbon-fibre cover and full slipcase. It contains more than 100,000 words, hundreds of pictures and records of the 50 year history of Bolwell's production of cars, yachts, simulators, wind turbines, truck bodies, international racing cycles and hundreds of 'everyday' items you saw, but never realised were produced by Bolwell, Australia's leading composites manufacturer - think McDonald's signs and figures, electricity sub-stations, and dozens of other products.
You can order your Copy on-line below or at www.gmmgroup.com.au. For South Australian readers, you can order through Beven D Young Automotive Books and Software, Ph (08) 8298 5548 or bevendy@hotmail.com.
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