Friday, August 5, 2016

The latest on the Bolwell book.

Bolwell Book Update August 2016

Dear Bolwell Club Members and Enthusiasts.
This is the current situation with the Bolwell Book.
We have completed and laid out 280 pages of a 256-page book .
That includes 30 reserve pages to allow for Bolwell Corporation reviews and changes, and  manipulation of texts and pictures in layouts still under review.
The main section of the book – around 210 pages has been finalised and approved by Campbell Bolwell.
The remaining pages mainly comprise Owner Profiles and pictures.

In October last year, Bolwell decided to stop production until the Board and Senior Management had reviewed everything in the book.
Even though Campbell had already approved and signed off on the areas of the book concerning Bolwell.

As a result, a new completion schedule and budget has been prepared for Bolwell.
Essentially, this involves getting sign-off from Bolwell on the now-completed book by end of August 2016 (6 weeks) .
This will enable production, print and shipping of books by end-October 2016.
Campbell has stated he is confident of achieving this.

We have been subjected to increases in costs of every aspect of production from Project commencement in 2011 to today.
As a result, there will be simplified production to a single ‘model’ (the premium version) and the Retail price will be $120.
Club members who have already paid in advance will not be surcharged.

Thanks to you all for your patience.
It has been a long and winding road for all of use, but we are near the chequered flag.

Rob and Nathan Luck”***********  


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, heard that so many times before.

degruch said...

How can I pre-order? Not a club member.