Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Early Mark 5s.

What were they thinking?
To each his own I suppose but here's the Mk.5 in the planning stages with the proposed back window marked out in Texta.
And here it is sitting on drums.
Obviously modelled on this Mazda van.
Finally happy with the results.
There were 11 or so Mk.5s produced like this.
The chassis seemed OK.
Time for a rethink and here's the mould for the new front
Road test around the block minus bonnet.
Here's the real Mk.5 out the back behind the dunny, a great improvement.
And here's one of the South Aussie ones.
The front page of the brochure.
And the back page.
All but one of the early style came back to be turned into the second style. I'd like to know where that one original one is.


Anonymous said...

the guns in the background of the sixth photo of the new front?
Is that to defend against the first 11 customers??

Anonymous said...

Is the original one not the ex Me, Rob Wilson-me car from the late 1970's? Rob fitted HK front and rear ends. Went to a guy off Hutt St who painted it yellow.

Came from Northcote? Coming home had a race with a GTHO Ph 3 across the Bordertown plains all those years ago?

Of course it was on a trailer pulled by Pete's F5000 XU1 at the time.

Anonymous said...

It was not the orange Head Mod Mk 5 I took to the first Easter as I have pics of that drag racing at Riverside in June 1966

That Mk 5 ended up in Junee and maybe sits on a shipping container near Canberra.

degruch said...

Still one of my faves...put a Mk5 on the bucket list with all the others!