Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Still going strong.

Both Dick and the Abarth that is. Dick Ward has been racing since the 60s, starting with a self built open wheeler. The little Abarth not quite that long. It hasn't always had the 13B in it. After the Abarth motor died it was replaced with Corolla power but that didn't have the guts Dick was looking for but the rotary certainly did. It evolved into a giant killing sports sedan. Nothing could get near it in Perth but the same applied over here in the East. In the 80s, the car went into semi retirement as Dick messed around with a batch of RX7 series 4/5s.

Anyway, what I'm getting around to, is that last weekend Dick and the Abarth won the inaugural Lindsay Monk Hillclimb in WA, breaking into the 30 second mark with a time of 29.92, a track record.

I'm expecting to see them over here for the Historic Sports Sedan races in a week or two.

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