Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Man and Machine.

Just in case you missed the show on Monday night....

"You might be aware that the Victorian club contacted Glenn Everitt of the 'Man and Machine' tv show to see if he would be interested in filming an episode on Bolwells. He was, and 2 days filming took place earlier in February this year.

Below is advice from Glenn that the Bolwell episode is scheduled to go to air on Monday, April 11th at 8.30pm EST on channel '4ME' (Channel 74 metro; Channel 64 regional), and will be repeated:

The air-time is all based on Eastern Standard Time (EST), so it will air in other states taking into account the relevant time difference, ie 8.30pm Melbourne = 5.30pm Perth, etc. Note that day-light savings finishes this Sunday morning (3 April), so times will need to be adjusted accordingly, ie 8.30 pm Melbourne = 6.30pm Perth from next week.

Thanks, Merryn"

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