Thursday, December 10, 2015


I suppose you could do this with any old snap but just take this one for example.
So much changes over the years especially when you become elderly like me. There are 4 Bolwells in the picture and the only one still around the place is Garry and Rose's yellow Nagari and even that hasn't been seen fully clothed for some time.

The black 7 is the Chev powered one of the late Tony Opie before it became the Fosters blue roadster. That car was destroyed in a bushfire that swept through Kangarilla.

The red/orange Nagari of the late Gus Safranko, briefly raced by Alex Tsakmakis, disappeared into Tasmania many years ago.

The silver Nagari of the late Leah Low met its fate in a crash at Sandown, only to emerge later as a red Fibrecar roadster, which, in turn, was also crashed and written off in Sydney, the remains being picked over back here in Adelaide. The wreck of the silver coupe was eventually put back together in Queensland and most likely shares its identity with the red roadster.

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Anonymous said...

the repeated use of the word "Late": is a worry to all of us.

what happened to the group of 20 somethings from 1972?