Monday, October 19, 2015

Ascort TSV 1300.

I'm very fond of the Ascort. 19 of them were built and at least 13 of them remain. Here's a project for sale. I'll let the owner tell you about it.

Unfortunately, I have conceded that at this rate I will never get to finish this build, so I have decided to put it up for sale to fund another project which needs a tonne of money to get off the ground. 

What I have for sale is a VW-based Ascort TSV-1300, there are only 13 Ascorts known to exist, and this example is one of less than six that still have its original Okrasa TSV-1300 crate engine. This is an extremely rare Australian coach built car and I’m very sad to see it go, I’m certain I’ll never have the opportunity to purchase another one. If you want to read up on the car, head to Mark Agnew’s great website dedicated to these unicorn cars here:

This Ascort is in need of a full restoration, although the body and pan is in sound condition and all the hard to find parts will come with the car:
- Original Okrasa engine with all the Okrasa parts (requires full rebuild)
- All original gauges that includes 3-in-1 motometer gauge, Lowlight Karmann Ghia trip speedo and tachometer (uber rare)
- Original Petri Banjo steering wheel with horn ring in beautiful condition
- Custom interior with period bucket seats and rear seat covers (will need a full resto)
- All glass including brand new front and rear windscreens
- Other parts in varying condition such as the headlights and tail lights, window winder mechanisms, etc
- Repop of original badges recut

The previous owner before last commenced a resto but did not complete it, he was the second owner and had the car from the 1970s. It comes with its original number plates, the hand-written owners manual and a heap of documentation, books and articles that have been written up on the Ascort. I have been stripping the car and in the process of getting it ready for primer. All parts have been removed and stored in boxes. 

This is an ultra rare classic that deserves a thorough restoration, in the current climate of coachbuilt VWs and old speed fanaticism; this car will be very valuable once finished. If you have been following the prices on the parts included you’ll realise that there is over $10,000 in rare bits alone. With this in mind, I have listed the car for sale at $21,000 and will be giving local buyers the first opportunity to purchase the car before listing elsewhere. 

The car is located in Northcote and can be viewable most days after work. There are many photos available but I would prefer prospective buyers to view in person. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an inspection, please contact me via phone on 0404 003 038.
Here's a few restored ones.
Mirek Craney, the designer, was supposedly inspired by the VW Karmann Ghia. Here are the 2 cars together. What do you think?

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