Saturday, October 24, 2015

A batch of gearboxes for GT40 or Pantera done by Quaife.

QBE62G 5-speed H-pattern synchromesh gearbox for GT40 and deTomaso Pantera 
Our latest batch of transaxle sequential gearboxes has been built and are available off-the-shelf today. The new batch of QBE62G gearboxes, designed as a direct replacement for the ZF original transmission can be fitted to many mid-engined supercars including our very own GT40. Our newest batch comes with the very latest upgrades including a billet end cover, forged shaft retaining bolt and repositioned high performance pinion bearing enabling it to work comforatbly behind the larger V8 engines. We have manufactured and built over 100 of these high performance transmissions for GT40 and Pantera owners as well as some custom mid-engined road and track cars. The modern synchromesh internals give a smooth ride on the road whilst offering a fast and precise gear change on the track.

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