Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome to Brunswick.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that you driving thru Parkside in a Greek Mercedes in the early 70"s?

Could also have been Port Adelaide.

Are they Pacer seats in da front?

How many Valiant's did you own back then? I remember a clutch of your cast off Valiants in your Dad's stable.

Bought for $50 with some rego, driven till out of rego when you would park it and then go buy another one?


John L said...

Not quite. We did go on our honeymoon in an AP5. Bathurst, Sydney, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road etc. Didn't miss a beat.

Anonymous said...

didn't i buy the red interior out of your Valiant? i bought a beige VC V8 missing an interior and drove it around using a bean bag to sit on - have a vague memory the subsequent interior came from you

Anonymous said...

as a side note whatever happened to the white Mk 7 from Largs that had two wooden posts jammed into the chassis as an accident repair? true throttle steer. also the Patrick Plastics Mk 7 that used a TR4 chassis- I mated this with Ron's original Mk 7 chassis - was this the car destroyed in a fire in Whyalla - had a wooden Hillman Hunter 770 dash from memory?

John L said...

Nope, never had a VC.

Anonymous said...

agree but I think I bought the red interior from your AP5 for my VC