Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Remember B8/88 at the Melbourne Motor Show?

Well, the Canon Bolwell was on the Ford stand at the same time.
Jim Shanahan took this excellent photo.


Anonymous said...

Hi John, where did 88 come from? Don't you mean 29!

John L said...

I think you're right. James just mentioned 88 for some reason.

Jim S said...

What a dobber!! :)

The car on the Bolwell stand was the Ian Crawford car (with the Boss motor). You guys can work out what number it is. Come to think of it, that makes both cars at that year's Motor Show having Boss motors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, that car was B8/80, and Eric Crawford, whose son is a member of our Club, restoring a Nagari. B8/88 was the car that Ross Allen had a few years ago. PeterG

Jim S said...

Eric Crawford! I keep calling him Ian for some reason. Sorry Eric, if you are reading this.

Do you know how Howard is going with his Nagari, Peter?

As for numbers, I've never paid them much attention. On the one or two occasions I have been confident I knew the number of a car, you corrected me quick smart! So I haven't indulged in 'pick a number' since then :)