Thursday, July 16, 2015

I never thought I'd see the day.

That chronic hoarder, Brian Randall, could part with any of his old race cars or road cars but here's the Randy Race Rims Norax at Robert's getting some work done for a NEW OWNER.
Don't know what that blue thing is.

There were 3 almost identical Noraxes built simultaneously by and for Brian, Ian Davis and Lance Ridgeway and raced regularly in South Australia and elsewhere. The name "Norax" came from the brand name of the desk lamps produced by Lance.

The other two  Noraxes had passed on to new owners some time earlier.
This sports car of Geoff's carrying a big Norax logo I think is the IDS (Ian Davis Special).


jasonnichols said...

Thanks for the update John I have the red one and am trying to put it back together after years of modification and neglect . Could I ask who hands its in now and if I could get in touch with him Thanks Jason Nichols

John L said...

Call me if you like. 0413 226009.