Monday, July 27, 2015

CAMS at it again.

Dear Fellow Car enthusiast and CAMS member

Have you read the fine print before renewing your CAMS licence? CAMS wants you to grant them new powers to take it away!
All CAMS licence renewals now require that you certify 2 things

1.     That you will immediately notify them if you are charged with (not convicted of!) a criminal offence

2.     That you agree they can take away your licence at any time, without stating a reason!

By agreeing to the above, you are granting powers to CAMS which are outside their scope as administrators of motorsport. You are agreeing that they can decide you are guilty of a criminal charge before the courts can, and that an anonymous CAMS official can walk up to you 5 minutes before the start of Targa Tasmania or the Bathurst 1000 and take away your licence without so much as stating a reason.
I am not afraid of character checks, I get them all the time from my various employers, including the RAAF, SA Ambulance Service, SA Health and the SA Country Fire Service. I was even awarded a Presidential Commendation by CAMS for medical services to motorsport, but this is a gross over-reach by CAMS. I am not asking them to certify my fitness to host a school camp or coach the local primary school soccer team, all I ask CAMS to do is certify that I am fit to drive a race-car.
I wrote to CAMS refusing their terms, and asking them to modify the conditions to require members to notify them only of a conviction (not an allegation) and to require CAMS to state a reason when cancelling a licence.
CAMS refused this, and cancelled my National Rally Licence. They really do want the power to decide on your guilt in a criminal matter, and to be able to take away your licence at any time, without stating a reason.
I do not accept this and have commenced legal action, which will likely be stressful and expensive.
If you agree that the new licence conditions are also un-acceptable to you, you can support me by contacting CAMS and telling that you too believe their new conditions are an over-reach, and asking them to change them as above.
You can write to the CAMS President, Andrew Papadopoulos, c/
·        PO Box 147, Caulfield East Vic 3145
·        or by email
 Yours sincerely


Bruce Paix
Box 72 Echunga SA 5153
25 July 2015


s nic said...

Confederation against motor sport.

s nic said...

Confederation against motor sport.

Jim S said...

Bureaucrats do not grant themselves powers unless they plan to use them. If this matter is not covered in the CAMS constitution, then clearly the sponsors of this initiative have exceeded their authority granted to them by the members. Therefore they have lost their mandate and are now operating without authority. Office holders can only legitimately operate with explicitly delegated authority.

Bruce Paix, should he be successful in defeating this new imposition, would be well advised to impose some sort of penalty to the sponsors of this overreach, preferably removal from office. Otherwise these sponsors will learn that they can do what they like with impunity. Inevitably they will resurrect this initiative in one form or another in the future and Mr Paix and his supporters will have to go through this whole business again.

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