Wednesday, August 13, 2014

AIR 1984


Anonymous said...

Great video John, do you have any specks on Doig's Asp and Allan Hanns Nagati(?) ?

John L said...

Jim's Asp started life in 1976 and must hold the record for the most continuously raced car ever as it's still raced today and has never stopped racing. It was never raced as a clubman as it started with 1600cc when clubbies were limited to 1300cc so it's a group A or C sportscar and has LSD and has doors which it needed to run in that class. It laps Mallala in 1.12.6 which is not exactly hanging around.
The Nganti Group A sports car was powered by one of those 2 litre single OHC Fords. If Doug Trengove didn't build it he played a major role in its construction. It was originally raced by Peter Middleton and later by Peter Smeets before Alan Hanns stepped into it. There was a photo of it posted in Bollyblog on Friday,Feb. 12th, 2010.