Friday, December 6, 2013

Bernie's sale.

Super T10 standard gearbox, as new. Totally rebuilt with power shifter. $1500 or close offer.
8 Carillo rods with  forged pistons + 50 thou. $1200 or close offer.
1 pair of cast iron high port Cleveland 4V heads with stainless valves. Flow tested. Excellent condition. Exhaust headers included. $1200 or close offer.
A genuine Shelby inlet manifold with genuine downdraft 48 IDA Weber carburettors to suit above heads. $6000 or offer.

Call Bernie van Elsen on 0413 387251 for more info. All parts above have been built and tested by K&A Engineering.


Anonymous said...

The Heads look like Cleveland to me

John L said...

I think you're right.

Art said...

5:1 pistons ?!?
How far down the hole does someone plan to run them ?
With that much dome, even with those open chamber heads, I'd expect more like 10.5:1