Sunday, December 1, 2013

Halstead at it again.

Paul is a bit like Campbell, once it's in your blood it's hard to give up.
I heard Scott reminiscing about his ride in the brutal Giocattolo one Easter. "It shook the bottles off the top shelf at the drive-in bottleo".


degruch said...

Looks like he needs a talented and up-to-date freelance Industrial Designer to provide some fresh styling **cough**cough**

Anonymous said...

Halstead's comments about how hard it is to be a Pagani and JL enjoining Campbell and Halstead into the same group seems a little off.

209 Paganis of all models so far. Only 15 Giacottello's.

Compared to how many Bolwells? 700? in a tiny population country at the end of the earth.

If Campbell had been from USA or Europe perhaps he would not be treated so disrespectfully.

Still at least people continue to have a go. Col