Thursday, October 24, 2013

SCC Classic nights.

I know it was over a month ago that we visited the Sporting Car Club but just wanted to reflect on that for a minute.
Scott's talk which included a potted history of Bolwell, the club and Campbell himself was excellent. I felt very proud.
Meanwhile, I'm wondering how a man of the proportions seen below can believe that he can hide behind a post and not be seen.
Out the front was Dino's 7 sports.
And Roger's was in the carpark as well.
Daryl brought along some memorabilia including a nicely corroded Nagari mag which had to be unbolted from a post in his front yard because it was his hose reel but more importantly, some photos from his glory days including these.
Take a look at the photographers' stamp on the backs of these pictures.
Now that's old. it predates the Fullarton Road studio as well as Orange Lane.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes the HO Nagari sports. Was the yellow one yours or Gary's?

Anonymous said...

commenting on Darryl's pics

John L said...