Monday, October 21, 2013

A few others that caught my eye (with reasons).

You don't see too many Brock Commodores this model any more and I like the scoop channeling air to the filter.
Big block in an LJ but I particularly became interested in the extractors.
Always been partial to a nice Charger.
Lots of work gone into this but can't help feeling a bit awful about chopping a rare panel van.
The Toyota Sera (Sera not Soarer) - intrieging.
When they said go and dump this Hillman I'm not sure they meant this way.
Big Ford business coupes like this are just too nice.
Very well built and impressive. Didn't believe the number plate though - AC1966.
Chrysler coupe - not many of these around especially in this condition. Rare as rocking horse teeth.
Gilbert Motors, been around for donkeys years.
Takes me back to the original Burger King on Anzac Highway.

No Bolwells though. Don't know where they got to.


Anonymous said...

Cannot remember any Bollies at the original Burger King either. How many Mk 7's, 5's n 4's were actually on the road in 68-71 which from memory was when I started racing on Anzac Highway and the Barker n cruising the Burger King. Cool memories from Crow Eater country.

John L said...

There would have been about 8 7s and 3 or 4 5s including mine (which made the odd appearance at BK after Rowley Park). No 4s though.