Monday, July 15, 2013

On its way to the Birdwood Mill.

P.S. It's there now.


Anonymous said...

not bad for 1969,project rd001 holden hurricane concept car,mid engine 253 a bit like the gtx,why GMH could not get these cars in to production is realy sad,it would have changed the way we see there products today!B.D.

David said...

I think the Hurricane was only ever meant to be a technology test bed. rd001= research & development 001.
Just as the Effijy was a technology showcaes.
Pity the GTR-X never meade it to it's production.

Graeme said...

Was it GTX (maybe with a -R tacked on) or a GTR-X. I sorta rembember it being the former, but does anyone know for certain?

The Hurricane was way ahead of its time with a rear view camera - I guess they didn't have a choice!

John L said...

GTR-X Graeme.

GTX is an oil, Sol.