Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Winners are grinners.

Couldn't quite get a trophy for coming first in the 6 Hour but "Best Presented Team" is pretty nice. Here's our team members with their trophies at the AGM the other night.
One team member wasn't at the meeting. Don't worry Brian, I have your trophy for next time I see you.


Anonymous said...

dear bolwell blokes sorry i missed the meeting again,what a great bunch of fellows!,do it again next year. had a good time,cheers Brian D.

areopagitica said...

This appears to be a Lexus V8 with a bundle of snakes exhaust. The cambelts are on the right and the flywheel on the left. So why is the exhaust facing right? The only car whose exhaust was routed that way was the TVR Tuscan or Chimera. What am I looking at?