Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another team member.

Our 6 hour team is now a team of 6.
1. Norm Clements -Nagari
2. Peter Mac - Mk.7
3. Dean Malone - Mk.7                                                              
4. John Harrland - Mk.7
5. Rick Wallace - Mk
6. Brian Deckert - Mk.7
Yes, Brian is the late entry and and this is his car.
 A team of six is just so much better than five. Today we had a sort of strategy meeting and BBQ,  We even had Mallala simulators. Yes we're pretty serious.
Rick's car is ready.
As is Dino's......and John's
....and Pete's
......and I'm assured that this one is too.
Just have to move this stuff to get it out.

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