Tuesday, April 23, 2013

6 hour practice.

It's only a couple of weeks to the MSCA 6-hour relay race at Mallala. This year we have entered a team of 5 Bolwells comprising
                                  Peter Mac - Mark 7
                                  Dean Malone - Mark 7
                                  John Harrland - Mark 7
                                  Rick Wallace - Mark 7
                                  Norm Clements - Nagari
The other weekend we went up to the track to get a bit of practice. We're pretty serious about achieving a good result. Here's some photos of the day. The weather treated us a little better than the rather horrid day yesterday for the Sports Sedans. Anyway, here's a few pics.
Dean's and Pete's ready to rumble.
John's Mark 7, talked out of running that day because he had just installed a newly rebuilt diff that needed to be carefully run in.
Phil's and Roger's 7s hiding behind Peter's.
Those big fat tyres of Phil's.
Roger's, Phil's, Pete's and Dino's.
Rick's Mark 7 having those shifting engine mounts dealt with.
In the Phil and Roger corner.
Peter's in front, Dino's behind.
Biggest improvement of the day was Peter Mac who went from 1.45s to 1.36s. Steady as she goes.


Anonymous said...

What date is the 6 hour?

Anonymous said...

Sunday 5th May.