Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gilbern on eBay.

For sale last week in Perth. What a nice little car. Made in Wales.
1965 and MGB powered.
It has just been relisted on eBay but if anybody is interested in buying it for $22,000 they could contact the owner on 0419 813124 or (08)9496 0564 or email
I think that's quite reasonably priced.


Jim said...

Morris Major meets DB4. Nice result though

John L said...

I sort of thought Morris 1100 meets DB4.

Jim said...

Yes, I can see that in the front treatment. They might have lifted the fwd section of the front guards from the 1100 too.

It was the windscreen and roofline at the front that suggested Morris Major/Austin Lancer. Not to mention the mechanicals.

Clever job, whatever! Good balance and proportion and still nice to look at after all these years.