Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Markson doors.

Just looking at these photos of the doors on the Markson, I can see Mark 5 in them.
I cut the tops off my own Mark 5 doors in order to do away with the Mini-type sliding windows and make up some window frames to have Mark 7 type windows. What was left is pretty well identical to this door on Graham's car.
I'm thinking that there is only one Markson, made up by hacking a Bolwell Mark 5 about. When Gordon was happy with the shape he would have taken a mould and proceeded to make the Ameros.


Anonymous said...

How did your windows turn out, John? Any pictures?

John L said...

I made the frames but sold the car before it was finished. They would have turned out well though although the windows wouldn't have gone down any further than a standard Mark 7, maybe even worse.

Jim said...

Thanks, John. I think it would have looked good with the thinner metal window frames. I suppose it would have been the rear corner of the window that hit the door skin.

John L said...

I think you're right.