Sunday, January 1, 2012

Help wanted - 240Z

See this thin chrome plastic surround. I've been scanning all the parts books and I can't find what it's called. The next step after I find out is where do I buy one?


Maxichamp said...

Is it called a chrome bezel?

Anonymous said...

I’m almost certain that it comes with the whole console.
Check overseas ebay and google japanese z wreckers both here and o’seas.

Anonymous said...

You could always ask on the many blogs on such vehicles. They all have ‘em.

Art said...

It's part of the assembly.
The earliest ones
68830-E4600 &
don't have a separate bright trim, it's chrome plate on the cast alloy body.
From 7/72 Nissan switched to
which is a plastic body, again with a plated edge (and inner horizontal lines).
A rare one could be either
68830-E4401 or
but these were associated with options not available on the export 240Z

So, you need to find a good panel that still has the bright work or a plating shop capable of this sort of work.

No, you can't have the one out of our 240Z, I might want to take the switch panel out and restore it to original one day.

John L said...

This one is separate to the panel, is very thin plastic, chromed and has snapped in half.

Art said...

Do you know which month & year the car is?
A photo of the actual parts (including panel) together with what material the panel itself is made of will help identify which model you're looking for.
Chances are not good though, none of the one-piece panels (ie 240z and early 260z) are listed as having a separate trim.
btw, a "stock" pic for a LHD car isn't much use as they are often significantly different to Aus & JDM cars.