Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SR6 - Back to the future.

Following on from the "last post". I'll change that to previous post. Anyway, the only response to the request for photos was this reference to the photo below from the Henry Stork collection. It's pretty much from about the same period. It's still in the hands of Alan Newton, it's at Calder, it still has the old roll bar and we're told it was about 1974. So according to the original logbook it was 25-5-74. Alan's Blanchard Holden sponsorship is on the side of the car. Also according to the logbook, on 26-6-74 the car was in the hands of E.J. (John) White.
This photo is also dated 1974 and shows John competing in the Six Hour as part of the Victorian Bolwell Car Club's team. By then it had the more substantial roll bar that it still has, and headlight covers.
Here it is in the pits on that same occasion, alongside the trailer that came with it, still with Graeme Blanchard emblazoned on the side. The windscreen is a bit different today as is the radiator air outlet..........
..........but, as this shot shows it's just like it was back then.
In the previous year, at the Six Hour, John was seconded to make up the numbers in the South Australian Bolwell team with this Holden powered Clubman styled sports car. That's a frantic looking John in the light blue overalls.

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