Friday, February 12, 2010


Tony Briton took this photo of Bernie on the grid at AIR back in the 80s. I dragged it out more for the Metro Oil car on the next row. The other day I mentioned Allan Hanns driving for John Scotcher. Well, this was the car, the Nganti. Sounds a bit like Nagari. It had a 2 litre Ford in it, one of those single OHC units. The chassis was big and strong and heavy and would have easily accomodated a V8. I think the body was a Boral. There's still a Boral Ford V8 kicking around but I'm not sure what happened to the Nganti. This was about the time that ProdSports disappeared up its own exhaust pipe and everybody went on to other things. Bernie went radical with the Nagari and Allan went on to the Nganti. Smeetsy used to drive it before that. It's funny how the same old names keep cropping up. The article in Custom Kit Car on MGCC's Neville Daniel's Buchanan MG shows that Neville bought it from John Scotcher who bought it from Peter Smeets.

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