Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Buchanan turns up.

Here's another Buchanan. It belongs to David Homburg in Victoria. He was wondering if, between us, we might be able to trace the history of one of his (he has 2, "one Hard Top and one with no roof"). He is hoping that there may be someone who may have some old photos of his hardtop from its heyday.
He bought the car from a young bloke from Geelong about 2 years ago. He traced the previous owner who told him that he had bought the car at a clearing sale at Rockbank many years ago. He was going to drive it but it sat out in the weather too long and the plywood floors rotted out of it. "He then sold it to the young bloke I bought it off and he butchered it by trying to fit a V8 and narrowed rear end. He also tried to return the headlights to their original position and butchered that too! As far as I am aware it has always been a Victorian car.
It runs a standard width EJ Holden suspension (hence the flares). It has a Holden Grey motor and a Vic. Police number stamped in the chassis rail (if you need these I can give them to you later). I tried to trace it through Vic Roads but they have destroyed all information prior to 1971. I have been in touch with Roo and have had it on the VHRR website but to no avail. It was painted Purr Pell, a purple Torana colour of the early '70's. Maybe this might jog someone's memory as this would have been a stand out car in its day."
Well, I hope someone recognises it and lets us know some of its history as well. You can do this through the comments bit or email me at and I can pass David's address on.

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