Monday, June 5, 2017

Latest acquision.

Bought this hospital bed at an auction in Adelaide for $30. All the electrics work. It's a real beauty.
When Johno was getting it off the truck all the neighbours came out for a look. They all thought "poor old John, this must be the beginning of the end, he needs a hospital bed now." Truth is it's ideal to put my chassis on and I can work on it at any level and move it around on its wheels to where-ever I want. They can be a lot of fun. I remember in Tony Opie's last days he was in a similar one in his lounge room and you could raise him right up to the ceiling. It would be handy for changing light bulbs.

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Anonymous said...

Damn,,,knew I should have got the electric one. Have one with the red Hunter body on it....but manual.