Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sunday 14th Shed Run - stop 1.

First stop was Carm's place at Royal Park. Easy to know we were in the right area. Pete's and Ron's Bollies were over the road.
....JH's out the front...
(Good to see John back and still in one piece after his solo expedition to Cape York and the Gulf.)
....and Scott's in the drive.
Carm's Nagari is B8/45. Many years ago he despatched the original chassis to another member in SA and set about making a replacement more to his liking. Just look at the attention to detail here.
When I was really young and in the VSCC, there was this old bloke, Dan, who had been restoring this Type 40 Bugatti for donkeys years. Just when he had completed things like steering or brakes, for example, he wouldn't be happy and would pull it all apart and start all over again. He never did finish it and after he died that job was left to his son who had the benefit of driving and enjoying it. Well, Carm's a bit of a perfectionist too (I've heard the brake lines have been redone a few times) but he's on the last stretch to finishing the job now. Nevertheless, there's at least one son waiting in the wings to have a drive at least.
The body is upside down on a jig and that's getting plenty of attention too.
Also in the same shed is Kev's roadster.
Work started 20 years ago. Having the two cars in the same shed means that Kevin and Carm can help and inspire each other.

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