Thursday, April 16, 2015

B8/38 update.

B8/38 is the ex Ranald Maclurkin, ex John Gourlay race car that Richard Gac owned and drove for many years. An encounter with a wall at Mallala saw Richard put the car away unrepaired in dry storage for about 15 years while he got on with his superkart pursuits. Finally, a couple of years ago, the car was sold and off it went to Melbourne. The new owner, Anthony, was delayed with the rebuild with health problems and recently on-sold it to Greg P so back it comes to SA, still on the pallets on the trailer that it went East on.

Greg has most of the bits to complete the car but certainly has the job in front of him. He says it should take about 6 months so I imagine he's going to be pretty busy. He's just putting the finishing touches to his Roaring 40s GT40 so he's raring to go and is looking forward to getting out on the track with the Bolwell. He also has a '71 Corvette roadster. A nice little glass triage.
Actually, the body damage is limited to the RH flares. Even the wheels were unmarked..

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a contender for the up and coming shed run.