Friday, October 24, 2014

Motorclassica opens today.

Motorclassica celebrates a Eureka moment

For those who thought that Australia’s motoring history begins and ends with Holden, well we have news for you!  Australia is the birthplace of a number of interesting sports marques including Elfin, Bolwell and the almost forgotten Purvis, whose Eureka sports car turns 40 this year.

Based on the British Nova and featuring a unique opening canopy-design, the Eureka was marketed as “for the individual” and came with a long list of options and alternatives.  If you have never seen one, check out the Purvis along with a trio of newly-restored Bolwells starring in the Australian International Concours d’Elegance.


Anonymous said...

From memory it tis one of the most numerous of all oz specials. And the purvis is vastly different from the Nova.

Graeme said...

Hey Anonymous; How is it vastly different? Certainly looks very similar. Probably had to be - wasn't it made under licence?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for trip down memory lane. Sterling are in rebirth mode at the moment.