Friday, September 5, 2014

Anyone seen Pete lately?

John Sherlock, in Victoria, posted this on the Eureka Facebook page recently.
G'day guys n gals, I know the following question is not exactly Eureka related, 
it's being asked in the hope that someone here may be able to help shed some
 light on a old kit car apparently made here in Aus.. Here goes..

I purchased the car 15 odd years ago from a friend in Toowoomba where it sat 
until a year ago when I transported it to Moe Victoria.
He had acquired it as part of a job lot from a farm in Oakey Qld.

The very little and unconfirmed info on the car is that it was built by two panel 
beater brothers in sydney in the late 60's and was called "The Viper".
 It is thought they made 12 in all.

I can confirm that it's based on an Hillman Imp chassis and the body was directly 
bonded to the chassis. It's a very small car with a roof height of just 37 inches.
That is all I know, and totally unconfirmed. I would dearly love to know any 
confirmed info as I've never seen another like it... 
Well, the expert opinions came up with Sabre, Magnum and the fact that Dennis Bedford had something to do with it, none of which are really correct. Here are some photos of the car in its heyday in SA in the 70s.
It was built in 1974 by then BCCA member, Peter Nelson and was very definitely a one-off. It was quite a speedy little thing despite its tiny Hillman Imp powerplant. It's interesting that it has been languishing in Queensland for umpteen years and has recently gone to Moe in Victoria. John, now, would naturally like to contact Peter and find out more about his car. Most of us haven't seen Peter in ages. Last I heard he was living down Reynella way and was restoring a dirty great big early 60s Cadillac convertible.

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